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The Tech-Savvy is (read "I am") Disappointed with the Motorola Droid X

07/16/2010 07:54 AM

First of all, unless you live under a rock, you're at least heard of the buzz Verizon has been building concerning the Motorola Droid X. This phone has not been unheard of, or unseen. It was leaked first as the Motorola Shadow. Yesterday, July 15, 2010, was the Droid X's debut on Verizon's all-star 3G network.

Droid Does - Solve a Rubik's code with attached robot in 24 Seconds

05/09/2010 12:48 PM — They made a lego robot and attached the Motorola Droid to it, which uses the camera to and commands to the robot to solve the rubik's cube in 24 seconds. This video is awesome! DROID.

Flash Mob at the Ohio Union 5/3/2010 - The Ohio State University

05/07/2010 07:46 AM — So, I think this has got to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen, so I just had to post it. A flash mob from The Ohio State University randomly start dancing to a song in the middle of Ohio Union. Brutus Buckeye shows up, along with OSU President B. Gordon Gee. Awesome!

"Let us fall more in love with you"

04/25/2010 10:05 PM — Just some thoughts I'm having... updates and such. 

It's been too long . . .

04/22/2010 07:20 PM

Well, I just wanted to let the world know that I am alive and well! Haha. Of course, those of you in my life know that well, some of you only in my website land only know the beginning.

Dead By Sunrise: Out of Ashes - October 13th, 2009

09/21/2009 11:42 AM — Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) will be debuting the first record, "Out of Ashes," for his side project titled "Dead By Sunrise" on October 13th. I've listened to a few tracks already -- amazing. Check it out!!

HP Pavilion dv9000 NVIDIA Geforce Go 7600 - Fixed With Black Voodoo

09/05/2009 07:40 PM — Apparently the problem is with the solder joints. I called HP and determined even if they cover the damage, because I am past 24 months, the replacement motherboard would only be discounted $150 so the cost of HP repair would be $250. I googled the issue further and saw some advanced / expert users (a category I classify myself in) attempting some black voodoo. I also googled and found replacement motherboards that I could use myself for $185 - so I knew I could try some manual repair techniques myself.

HP Pavilion dv9000 Series Defect with NVIDIA Geforce Go 7600

08/24/2009 02:59 AM — I have an HP Pavilion dv9000 series notebook (dv9339us) which I purchased in the summer of 2007. Yesterday, I was playing Counter-Strike: Source, which is a first person shooter computer game that uses OpenGL or DirectX 9.0c. Everything was working properly. All of a sudden, the game started getting incredibly slow. Everything was very laggy, but I noticed that the only thing having problems with the response time was the display / video output.

Project Section, Contact Form, Professional Information, and more...

08/16/2009 11:30 AM — Over the weekend, I updated the site with some new components. I added a contact form, an area to showcase some projects I stay busy with, some information about me professionally (including my resume - as an example for those out there that need help - please know I am very happy where I am currently employed and am not looking for a job).

To Digg

03/31/2009 05:26 AM — I'm a web developer myself, and I"m constantly thinking of new ways to improve various sites. Digg is a tough one for me, because I already think its so good. But I realized today my LEAST favorite thing about Digg.
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