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Verizon Usage Monitor for Mozilla Firefox

Tired of paying ridiculous overage fees for minutes or data used with your Verizon cellular plan?  Verizon Usage Monitor is for you!

Verizon Usage Monitor is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that will help prevent you from going over your wireless plan's monthly allotment of minutes or data by enabling you to easily monitor your minutes and data usage for your Verizon account.  Simply being aware of your current usage can help you carefully consider future usage, encourage someone on your account to minimize their usage until the next billing cycle, or call Verizon to increase your minute allowance.  more...

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Download & Install

Download Verizon Usage Monitor 1.34! - 49.7 KB - Updated December 21, 2013

Currently, Mozilla's Addons site is the only location the Verizon Usage Monitor is available.  However, immediately after a new release, the newest version is only available from Verizon Usage Monitor's all versions page on Mozilla's Add-ons website.  After Mozilla reviews the version, it is made public on Verizon Usage Monitor's public listing on Mozilla's Add-ons website.  Click the download link above to go there, and retrieve the latest version.

Enable & Begin Using...

Verizon Usage Monitor lives on Firefox's Add-ons bar (formerly status bar)!  The Add-ons bar is hidden by default on Firefox beginning with version 4.0.  Enable the Add-ons Bar by going to View >> Toolbars >> Add-on Bar .

Shortcut keys:
  • Windows: [Ctrl + /]
  • Mac OS X: [Command + /]


PayPal - Donate! Obviously donations are not required for use, but are always welcome.  I do spend a good amount of my time working on these projects.  Time spent away from my family and friends.  Donations made with the button to the right are secured by PayPal and will help to justify the time I spend working on these projects rather than with people in my life.

Known Issues

NEW: Verizon Usage Monitor doesn't work when using a version before 1.34 or stopped around 10/5/2013
Verizon Usage Monitor is not displayed by default on Firefox 4.0+
FIX AVAILABLE: The status bar shows up with "0," "null," or "error" when using a version before 1.32
FIX AVAILABLE: "My Verizon" account credentials are not updated correctly when using a version before 1.32
FIX AVAILABLE: The status bar shows up with "null" or "error" when using a version before 1.26


If you need help or would like to submit a bug report and the issue you are having is not in the Known Issues section above, submit your bug report to me .  If you would like to make a feature request, submit comments, or anything else directly about this extension, send your message with this form .


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  • Version 1.34 - December 21, 2013
    • Fixed the usage parsing that was broken when Verizon changed their summary page on October 5th, 2013

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