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ErrorZilla Mod for Mozilla Firefox

ErrorZilla Mod is a nice little extension for Mozilla Firefox that very simply, adds an image to the error page for down domains, along with some helpful buttons: "Try Again," "Google Cache," "Coralize," "Wayback," "Ping," "Trace," and "Whois."

I saw a digg article about the original, ErrorZilla, today, but I didn't myself really see a point until my buddy Jimi sent me a link to another digg article featuring a link to the Google blog which explained the same extension. He made a comment about the picture having to go. I agreed. It used to be the Mozilla dinosaur in a star. It was ugly, to say the least. I changed it to the Firefox logo. But in addition, I also changed the location of the "Whois" button. Now, it will use DomainTools.com. So, after changing some simple things, I rebuilt the extension and released it as ErrorZilla Mod.

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Download ErrorZilla Mod 0.41! - 115 KB - Updated March 25, 2011

Currently, Mozilla's Addons site is the only location ErrorZilla Mod is available.  Click the download link above to go there.  However, immediately after a new release, the newest version is only available from ErrorZilla Mod's all versions page on Mozilla's Add-ons website.  After Mozilla reviews the version, it is made public on ErrorZilla Mod's public listing on Mozilla's Add-ons website.  Click the download link above to go there, and retreive the latest version.


I picked up a few of the comments from users at Mozilla's Add-ons website. None of them were requested. All are real users that I do not know:
"This is such a useful idea, it makes you wonder why this isn't part of FF as standard."
The Bear

"This is a useful little add-on, to be sure."

"It's the best 404 add-on! I love..."


PayPal - Donate! Obviously donations are not required for use, but are always welcome.  I do spend a good amount of my time working on these projects.  Time spent away from my family and friends.  Donations made with the button to the right are secured by PayPal and will help to justify the time I spend working on these projects rather than with people in my life.


  • Version 0.41 — March 25, 2011
    • Updated support for Mozilla Firefox 4.0. Implements default error entities for 4.0 and covers exceptions in the event they are absent (such as in 3.5).
  • Version 0.39b — January 23, 2009
    • Added support in the install.rdf for Firefox 3.6.*. No other changes made.
  • Version 0.39a — August 15, 2009
    • Minor bugfix. Changed extension homepage to make traffic to site easier to understand for user interaction.
  • Version 0.39 — July 1, 2009
    • Added support for general SSL / SEC errors - behavior should revert to Firefox default. Updated to new Firefox icon (for Firefox 3.5). Removed JAR file dependence. Updated install.rdf to new format. Deleted legacy / some development content. Fixed "About" dialog error. Streamlined.
  • Version 0.35 — June 24, 2009
    • Added support in the install.rdf for Firefox 3.5. No other changes made.
  • Version 0.34 — August 10, 2008
    • Adds support for a few different SSL error types that were previously unsupported (on accident) -- Thanks to I. Kitzmann for pointing it out.
  • Version 0.33 — June 30, 2008
    • The Firefox logo returns to the error page
    • A check is added to account for invalid SSL certificates (to allow the display of the default "Add Exception" behavior of Firefox 3)
  • Version 0.31 — June 19, 2008
    • Adds support for Firefox 3, and fixes issue with chrome:// graphic links being referenced by a non chrome page. :)
  • Version 0.2 — October 24, 2006
    • Added 'Coralize' button to mimic original ErrorZilla.
  • Version 0.1.1 — October 19, 2006
    • Added support for Flock 0.4 - 0.8
    • Added support for Firefox 2.0.0.*
  • Version 0.1 — September 6, 2006
    • Added support in the install.rdf for Firefox 3.5. No other changes made.

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