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What If He Left Me?

09/01/2010 12:38 AM

On my way to work this morning, I had a song stuck in my head.  Kelly Clarkson – Behind These Hazel Eyes.  I decided to listen to the song, as often I do when a song finds its way into the repetitive regions of my brain.  As the song played, I thought about the lyrics.  Song lyrics are usually something highly personal to me, and I sought after what exactly they were touching in my heart.  I realized all at once, that these words would be what I would write if Jesus left me.  I know and I’m thankful that He’ll never leave or forsake me.

Spiritual Authority

08/30/2010 09:58 AM

So over the weekend, I watched 4 horror movies.  One of them, Paranormal Activity, had a great deal to do with demonic attacks.  My review suggested that horror movie fans watch it, and that others watch it after finding their authority in Jesus and taking a Spiritual Authority or Warfare class.  The more I thought about it, the more I decided that I wanted to help raise awareness of the scriptures’ position.  To be honest, I also had need to go over the scriptures again.

Paranormal Activity

08/30/2010 02:27 AM

Only one question exists for me concerning 2009's Paranormal Activity.  Where was I that caused me to miss this movie?

Introducing Awaken Technologies, Ltd.

08/21/2010 03:58 PM

I started a business this month.  Introducing Awaken Technologies, Ltd.  Awaken Technologies offers a wide variety of I.T. related services including web site and application design, architecture, and development, database design, computer repair, and networking installation, repair, and administration.

I'm a Windows Guy. I Bought a Mac. Here's Why.

08/02/2010 05:52 PM

I've only been at work today for 4 hours, and so far, I've gotten at least 5 remarks about buying a Mac.  To be clear, I bought an Apple MacBook Pro, model A1286.  You see, this is only strange because I'm the Windows guy, who champions all things other (when it comes to Apple).  I run my life on Windows, I make a living on Windows, I own a Motorola Droid and program things for Android.  So why on earth did I buy a MacBook Pro?  Here's why . . .

Google Voice Callback for Android

08/02/2010 08:08 AM

Well, if you checkout my post on Google Voice's Android app update that breaks free calling programs, rest assured -- at least a little.  A solution has been found.  Google Voice Callback, available on the Android Market, allows you to register a callback with your Google Voice account for a specific number.

DO NOT UPGRADE Google Voice for Android to 0.4.* If You Use Google Voice for Free Calling With a Cellular Network

07/22/2010 01:30 AM

If you use Google Voice on Android for free calling via "my faves" or Verizon's "Friends & Family," you're going to want to steer clear of the Google Voice app's new updates.  The reason stems from their changes to the Direct Access number.

The Tech-Savvy is (read "I am") Disappointed with the Motorola Droid X

07/16/2010 07:54 AM

First of all, unless you live under a rock, you're at least heard of the buzz Verizon has been building concerning the Motorola Droid X. This phone has not been unheard of, or unseen. It was leaked first as the Motorola Shadow. Yesterday, July 15, 2010, was the Droid X's debut on Verizon's all-star 3G network.

Droid Does - Solve a Rubik's code with attached robot in 24 Seconds

05/09/2010 12:48 PM — They made a lego robot and attached the Motorola Droid to it, which uses the camera to and commands to the robot to solve the rubik's cube in 24 seconds. This video is awesome! DROID.

Flash Mob at the Ohio Union 5/3/2010 - The Ohio State University

05/07/2010 07:46 AM — So, I think this has got to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen, so I just had to post it. A flash mob from The Ohio State University randomly start dancing to a song in the middle of Ohio Union. Brutus Buckeye shows up, along with OSU President B. Gordon Gee. Awesome!

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