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Some Recent Scripture :)

05/11/2006 07:14 PM — How can you go wrong with this?

RSS Feed

03/26/2006 02:22 PM — Hey! I added an RSS Feed today.


01/14/2006 01:37 PM — Well.... as of yesterday at 9:54 PM, I'm 20! Unlike previous years, this really does feel different. It feels more permanent, and like.... I feel like the things I do now are not childish things.... it feels more grown up. Even my Tiger has grown up a bit. *beam*

Long Time, No Post

12/17/2005 04:14 PM — I know i haven't written in a while. You guys actually shouldn't even be able to see this until a bit later when i finish the site in the ASP.NET 2.0 engine. I just kinda wanted to get something up here for the month. :P

Talk to you guys later!!!

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