AOL Hacking History Featured on GitHub's ReadME Project

04/15/2022 12:51 AM - Permalink

The AOL hacking-era of the 1990s, including my DarcFX website, was featured on GitHub's ReadME Project in an article titled What Hacking AOL Taught a Generation of Programmers: The Open Source Ethos Behind Rogue AOL Add-ons by Klint Finley.

GitHub ReadME Featured Article: What Hacking AOL Taught a Generation of Programmers
I spoke with Klint via email several times as he was writing the article, and tried to put him in contact with several other AOL "proggers" (add-on developers) from back in the day as he covered an era of open source programming that jumpstarted the careers of so many software engineers and netsec specialists, inluding my own.

I'm thankful for Klint's time and excellent article! I think you'll find he did a fantastic job!

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