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I found a couple awesome utilities that really do the simplest of things.  DeskView and ClipPath.


Those of you who know me well in the virtual world, know that I hate Windows Themes.  I default to Windows Classic all the time.  Even if I try a really cool theme, I somehow find a way to hate it.  I must have a status bar in all explorer windows.  Classic folders.  Small toolbar icons.  No text labels.  In folders, I want everything to be in Details view.  This obsession also caries over to the windows desktop.  I absolutely despise the "Icons" view that is forced upon our desktop icons view setting, but Details view isn't practical for the desktop, so I'd prefer it to be List view if I could change it at all.  Well, a few days ago I complained about this to either Wayne or Syber, which  isn't at all strange.  But is slightly out of the ordinary is that today, I found a solution.  *drumroll*  Enter DeskView.

One of my favorite things about this little application is that it doesn't run continuously.  When it starts, it simply toggles the desktop icons view setting between Icons and List, and then it terminates.  That means if you don't like the behavior, all you have to do is run the application again to restore your desktop to the way it was.  If you like the behavior, simply copy the application to the hard drive folder of your choice, and put a shortcut to it in your Startup folder.

Click here to download DeskView.


ClipPath is a neat little tool that very simply adds a submenu to the context (right-click) menu that you get in windows explorer for file.  What's the purpose you ask... ahaha... well I'm glad you did!  It allows you to copy the complete path of the file on your hard drive, instantly, to the clipboard.  It has 3 options: Copy Path (\), Copy Path (/), and Create Outlook Links.  Copy Path (\) will give you a C:\Program Files\ path.  (/) gives you C:/Program Files/... and outlook would give you <file:///C:\Program Files\> for pasting into an outlook email.

Click here to go to the ClipPath download page.
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