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The Ohio State University

10/13/2010 01:34 AM - Permalink

Today marks a big day for me in college land.  I had my first mid term exam.  The class?  MATH 151 - Calculus and Analytical Geometry.  Right now, MATH 151 is tied with PHYSICS 111 for "favorite."  I struggled with a couple of the questions during the exam more than I anticipated I would.  I've only missed 1/2 of 1 question on only one of the quizzes we've taken and I've gotten every homework problem right so far, so I was a little surprised.  I ended up figuring out 2 / 4 questions they ask right in the nick of time, but we'll see how I did shortly!

I love school.  I love being on campus and hanging out with the people I meet there.  They're so interesting.  My anthropology class is probably my least favorite, and I imagine it will stay that way.  The instructor is a good teacher and all, but I am a man that loves the life I have and the God that gave it to me, so a class that mostly teaches evolution as fact was doomed from the beginning.  I believe there is a God, that He created all things in 7 days, loved me through my sin to send His son to save me because I could never save myself, and that He has given me eternal life through my faith in the blood of Jesus and that He is who He says He is and will do all He says He will do.

I am working full-time, and honestly, I don't find this schedule too challenging.  I feel far more productive at work since I'm on different hours.  Most of my work week occurs while others are not in the office yet, so the distractions I'm faced with from "shoulder taps" or co-worker conversation is mostly minimized.  I love solving puzzles and churning through functions, so I'm pretty much heads down, jamming to music, and get a lot of things done.  

The hardest thing is going to bed in the evenings when others are awake.  I love my friends and family, and not being able to spend quite as much time with them is disappointing, but I'm sure there will be plenty of time for that during breaks and such.  I'm excited about meeting new people, too.  I've already met a few students on campus I quite enjoy hanging out around, at least on campus.  

My mind is being stimulated again in a way that it hasn't been for a long time, and I'm loving every minute of it.  I haven't missed a class yet!  (I know... I know.  You're shocked.  haha.)  

Well... I shall be going.  I wish you all peace and joy in Christ, our Redeemer, according to His plan for your life.  Turn!  Run to the light!


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