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OSU vs Michigan - 2010

11/27/2010 10:17 PM - Permalink

I was privileged to be able to attend 2010's OSU vs Michigan football matchup.  Hadn't been to a game at The Horseshoe for probably a decade when I went with my dad.  I bought my ticket from a special lady who went home for Thanksgiving, and couldn't attend the game herself.  Despite being worried I'd get sick again, I had a fabulous time, and feel fine (with the exception of this annoying cough that I had before the game)!  Haha!

The ticket I had was for the south stands -- you can literally feel the entire structure shake when the crowd jumps before each kickoff.  At the moment the kickers foot hits the ball, the crowd in unison yells "O-H-I-O"!  I'm confident at more than a few points, everyone in the stadium was singing "We don't give a damn about the hole state of Michigan...  We're from O-HI-O."  The Buckeyes dominated Michigan, 37 to 7.  Unbelievable experience.  I'm officially addicted.  lol.  Season tickets, here I come!  Some pictures below... more available on Facebook.  :)

Jay at the 2010 OSU vs Michigan Football Game, Ohio Stadium (\
Me at the 2010 OSU vs Michigan Football Game
@ Ohio Stadium ("The Horseshoe"), The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Some random play near the end of the game.

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