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Project Section, Contact Form, Professional Information, and more...

08/16/2009 11:30 AM - Permalink

Over the weekend, I updated the site with some new components.  I added a contact form, an area to showcase some projects I stay busy with, some information about me professionally (including my resume - as an example for those out there that need help - please know I am very happy where I am currently employed and am not looking for a job).  There is also a new footer to make navigation of sub-sections of the site easier.  Notice there are things on the footer that haven't made it onto the main navigation yet.  Please be aware, they are coming. 

Anyway, things in life are good, but busy.  I look forward to continuing on the tZ Family of Scripts for mIRC and making some suggested changes to ErrorZilla Mod and Hide Navigation Bar for Mozilla Firefox shortly.

I'm finishing up a website design for my mom, and then I should have some more free time.

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