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The Women's Clinic of Columbus Saved 1,600 Babies Since 2008, Needs Your Help

04/29/2011 03:02 PM - Permalink

In 2008, my Pastor spearheaded the opening of The Women's Clinic of Columbus for the purpose of ministering to women in Columbus, OH, but particularly those facing unexpected pregnancies.  Since that time, many free pregnancy tests and free ultrasounds have been administered, resulting in the saving of 1,600 babies that would have otherwise been victims of abortion.  But now The Women's Clinic needs your help to continue their operations.  What greater calling do we have as believers in the gospel of Jesus Christ, or for unbelievers -- as humans, than to fight for those that cannot fight for themselves.

Please take a moment to read a letter sent from my Pastor about The Women's Clinic:
Dear Friends,

The Women’s Clinic of Columbus swung open its doors in June of 2008. Now, as we approach our three year anniversary, I am thrilled to report that TWC- Columbus has had a tremendous impact on Central, Ohio.

Consider this…

Since June of 2008 TWC has served 5,500 clients, administered 4,100 FREE pregnancy tests, and performed 1,500 FREE ultrasounds.  But here’s the best part…1,600 babies that would have been aborted, have been saved as a result of TWC.  

Just the other day, our Interim Director shared an amazing testimony with me. Two young ladies with back to back appointments came into the clinic for a pregnancy test.  They were both very seriously considering abortion.  One young lady was about to graduate from the police academy and the other—already a mother of one-- was turning 21 that day. Although they both felt that it was the worst possible time for them to have a baby, they each agreed to have an ultrasound. During the ultrasound it was discovered that they were both carrying twins! After seeing the image of their babies on the ultrasound monitor, they each decided to parent their multiples. That’s four babies saved in two-hours! God is a wonder, isn’t he?

In the subject of my email, I indicated that I needed your help.  Unlike Planned Parenthood--- TWC is privately funded and must raise money to keep saving lives.  So on April 30th I will be participating in the 3rd Annual Walking For Life to benefit TWC.  I am asking as many friends as possible to support me as I take a stand and WALK FOR LIFE. 

A donation of $23 provides on-going support and education services for one client or a donation of $55 provides a life-saving ultrasound & support for a woman considering abortion.  All gifts are appreciated and will help TWC continue its life affirming work. You can donate now by visiting www.columbustwc.com/donate. Be sure to put "Jay Baldwin" in the purpose section to ensure that your donation gets credited properly.

Thank you so much for considering TWC, I hope to hear from you soon. 
I'm walking in the 5k Walk for Life this Saturday, and hope you will sponsor me.  If you choose to, again, you can donate now by visiting www.columbustwc.com/donate. Be sure to put "Jay Baldwin" in the purpose section to ensure that your donation gets credited properly.

Thank you for considering the unborn today, and I pray the hand of God will bless you for your generosity.

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