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08/23/2006 08:22 AM - Permalink

All my techie friends will read this post with slight surprise.  Not because of my affection for desktop wallpaper, but rather for the fact that I changed mine.  I love to collect wallpaper, but I seem to only stick with a few.  For the past few years, actually, I've only had a couple wallpapers.  One of my favorites was the Aqua wallpaper from Mac OS X.  Then I found "Ocean."  But the past few days, something exciting happened.  I discovered "Door."  Of course, I doubt its creator would have called it that, or did.  But that's what I called it.  I like it because it is relaxing.  You can like any of these, or dislike them for that matter, for any reason you want.  As you can see with Door, I even use it on my phone.  :P

1600 x 1200
1600 x 1200
1600 x 1200
Cell Phone
Night Earth
1600 x 1200

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