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Beyond The Shadows

04/02/2008 10:19 AM - Permalink

I am Jay Baldwin . . .  God calls me son.  God calls me friend.

I was conceived by the Holy Ghost in the eternal mind of God, created in His image and likeness, and commissioned to impose and enforce boundaries on the darkness.

I am a Ruler of Light . . .

. . . paving the way for the God of the Morning to destroy every measure of darkness . . . beyond even the memory of shadows.

This is the basis of the ministry of the Lord in and through my life.

The breath in my lungs IS the same breath that flew over the vocal chords of the Ancient of Days when He issued the command to the void of Earth, "Let there be light" and it possesses the same power as was manifest in the resurrection of Jesus, our Redeemer.

I burn with fire.  He is the heat.

The authority of the risen Christ is at work in and through my life, rushing through my vains with every beat of my heart.  As a furnace possesses fire to warm the whole house through the bitter cold of winter, so shall the Spirit of the Lord be in me . . . to warm those around me through whatever cold they meet. 

I am Favor.

I want for nothing.  My daddy owns the cattle on a thousand hills, the bank, and the banker too.  Nothing that I ask Him in prayer shall be refused me.  Nothing that I desire shall evade me . . . for the King of Heaven loves me, and has made me His favor.

I am Victory.

The Commander n Cheif of the armies of Heaven has taken personal interest in me, my life, and the matters of my heart.  It is HE that rebukes the devourer that seeks to destroy me.  It is HE that puts off the theif that comes to steal my stuff.  It is HE that establishes His word in my heart, provides for my each and every breath and all my needs, and HE that wakes me every morning, just to see me smile yet again.

I'm never alone.

Above me . . . beneath me . . . beside me . . . WITHIN me -- forever and always:  God Almighty . . . the Third Person.

The Spirit of the God of love, so sweet, has forever bound Himself to me.  He can't let me go . . . He can't leave me . . . He will not forsake me, for He has been assigned to me by the Father of all things.

He who blesses the work of my hands, and calls my sin washed away . . . He who watches over all that I have and commands angels to protect those things which interest me . . . He that has conceived in me a New thing for a Now season . . . He that holds every tear I cry, and breaths life into them -- changing them into a joy that is unspeakable . . . He that heals me . . . He that saves me . . . He that rescues me . . . He that delivers me . . . He that favors me . . . He that cares for me, and all that I love . . . my Maker, my Father, my Savior . . . Redeemer . . . Restorer . . . Rebuilder . . . Rewarder . . . to ONLY a God like Him, do I give my praise.

Bless the name of the Lord of life and love forever.  May the name of God be blessed always, and forever praised.

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