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What can the Devil do...

03/14/2007 08:09 PM - Permalink

I was at home in my room...  I had a rough day...  But God was there, so it was almost fun.  LOL.  

I was in a very emotional place in the day... and I had my iPod on... blasting "How He Loves My Praise" and singing and speaking in tongues with everything my body had to offer....  I was trying to give Him something... What can a man give the God that owns everything, you might ask?  Simple.  The only thing He gave to you that He refuses to take for Himself:  Your life... Your heart.

When the song was over, and I felt the time of worship had ended as well, I took my earplugs out... only to hear this... the voice of Him with whom I had just spent about an hour...  the voice of the lover of my soul.... Him who forever holds this broken heart of mine, and calls it great simply because of the great love that exists within His own perfect, broken heart....  I heard Him say...

"What in the world can the devil do.... with a whole WORLD... FULL of
people.... who hate nothing but sin.... and love nothing but God.

As confirmation to me, and those God's placed under me in terms of Spiritual Authority.... from my own spiritual father and Pastor.... THIS is the generation of them that seek Him.... of them that seek His face.... the face of an eternal and everlasting God.... who is filled only with holiness, justice, righteousness, and love.  The face of the God of love.  The face of the love of God.

I make this declaration to you today.... His heart is broken.... to see you hurting.  His eyes are weary of tears shed because of your own pain....  He's always there for you.  He's always willing to heal you and bless you.  He loves you with everything He is.... He'll never leave you.  Ever.  He loves you too much.  And besides... He simply doesn't know how.  So I beg you..... Do not turn Him away.....  Answer the door.... each and every time He knocks.  Welcome Him to change your life forever, and show you a world full of the meaning of joy and wonder that THIS life has seldom known.  There is nothing in this world more valuable than the heart that beats within Him.  Don't hurt Him.  He's all I've got.  Please don't hurt Him.  He loves you endlessly..... with wreckless abandon.

And like I said...... He's all I've got..........


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