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Baldwin 21

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January 13, 2007

My twenty-first birthday: the absolute 100% best day of my life!

I want to thank all of the following people for making Baldwin 21 a wonderful success, and for building memories with me that will last a lifetime:

  • Yahweh, Jesus Christ, My Deliverer, My Redeemer, My Best Friend
    Thank you for caring enough to hold me when I'm down.  Thank you for on January 13th, nineteen hundred and eighty six, you chose to make little boy who would grow in your heart and your love.  Thank you for in spite of seeing the heart break my sin would cause you, you chose to make me anyway.  Thank you for blessing me with these friends of mine, and for giving my life purpose, meaning, direction, vision, and passion.  You are the giver of all good things, the creator and fulfiller of my every dream, and the heart that beats within me that refuses to faint, because of your great love for me.  Use me, and help me to be a blessing to all those dear to me... and to all those dear to them... to all those dear to you.  Thank you Jesus.  Truly, truly... thank you.

  • Brandon Novena
    You've been one of the closest and most faithful friends a guy can ask for.  Pre-gaming during Baldwin 21 provided us all with unending entertainment.  I'm looking forward to your birthday with eager anticipation.  My twenty first wouldn't be a birthday without you.

  • Jim Williams
    Jimi... I'm so glad you didn't sleep through festivities!!  I hope you had a wonderful time.  I'm praying for you.  I really mean that.  I'm truly praying for you.  I never imagined the assignment God sent me on when He moved me from Evangel to Watkins would result in such a beautiful relationship.  You are one of my goliath's swords.  Your very presence in my life represents a victory, where I blindly followed God, and was gladly amazed at His plan.

  • Spencer Stephen
    Teabag?  LOL.  You are a dear friend.  The few years ago that it was that I sat in front of a familiar face in Coulter's class have been filled with memories I wouldn't have had it not been for you.  Thanks for coming.  I truly wish we had an opportunity to hang out even more. 

  • Chuck Solt
    You, sir, need to move home!  LOL.  No more North Carolina.  You need to move home, straight up.  I miss ya tons, and while I deeply regret the reason for which you came home, I'm glad you were here.  I wouldn't have wanted you to miss it, and I hope you're glad you came.

  • Amy Dement
    While you ARE really my sister, you're also a beautiful friend.  I have not and am not the easiest person to love.  But I thank you for never giving up on me, and always supporting me.  Thank you for never judging me and always supporting me.  Thanks for never leaving me out to dry, and for your opinions and advice, even when they aren't wanted!! :P  You're a wonderful sister and while it may not always seem like it, I'm proud of you.

  • Kevin Clifford
    Kevin!  We haven't known each other long enough for me to say something cute and mushy like with the rest of the folks here.  So thanks for hanging out with us.  We'll have to play pool sometime.

  • Kim Gochenour
    Thanks for being there when my world gets tossed and turned.  Thanks for putting up with my high standards and for understanding when I just need someone to talk to.  Congratulations on your impending engagement to..

  • Mom
    As I've told so many of my friends, while the girl I call my bride will be the last girl I ever give my heart to... you were the first.  Thank you for being such a strong asset... such a strong support... such a faithful and loving and caring parent and friend.  You have had the single greatest impact on my life, and I want you to know that if I ever do anything right... if I ever dry one tear, lift one heart, touch one soul, or simply brighten one day with something as simple as a smile... please, PLEASE know it is because I had a beautiful example.. a beautiful teacher... a beautiful mentor in you.  You taught me how to love.  But not just feel love for someone or something... you taught me how to LIVE my life in love with all that's around me... particularly my family.  While I might be the canvas God created, and while He might be the artist drawing me... He's used you as the paint.  If there is any beauty found in me, it is your doing.  If a pure heart, before God and man, can beat within me... it is you that gave it that opportunity.  I am forever indebted and grateful for you.  And I'm proud to call you my mother.
Disclaimer:  The image above was NOT an original design.  It is a PARODY of the "Parsley 50" / "Jubilee" logo for Rod Parsley's 50th Jubilee Birthday Celebration, to take place in Columbus, OH on January 13th - 14th.

Please note... though I do work at World Harvest Church, where this logo was created, I neither created or used any files in order to reproduce this parody.  Anyone with a basic knowledge of photoshop and the ability to scroll through default system fonts could have easily recreated the same thing.


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