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Thoughts on Windows 8 RTM Final Version

08/17/2012 06:16 AM - Permalink

Roughly ten days ago, I installed the leaked RTM (Released to Manufacturing) build of Microsoft Windows 8 Pro on my primary desktop computer.  I gave it ten days to win me over, or to make me hate it.  Here are my thoughts:

"I really love Windows 8." - Said no one, ever.

What in the heck were they thinking?!

In summary: Windows 8 has become the #1 reason you should buy a Mac.

These are the things I like about Windows 8:
  • Windows Explorer Ribbons instead of Toolbars
  • Task Manager
  • Microsoft Security Essentials is built-in, but rebranded back to "Windows Defender"
These are the things I LOATH about Windows 8:
  • Metro / Whatever the new UI/Start Screen is called.
  • Metro apps. All of them. Weather is pretty -- nothing more.
  • Lack of a classic start button.
  • Lack of a classic start menu.
  • Lack of option to turn classic start menu on / Metro off.
  • Did I say Metro yet?
  • Lack of a shutdown option on the start screen.
  • The new Metro-ish sidebar when you click on networking.
  • The Metro control panel.
  • The Metro Windows Update option -- why can't I pick updates in the metro WU client?
  • Segregation of Chrome Metro and Chrome Desktop.
  • I really hate Metro.
  • The side "swipe" menu.
  • The "Start" popup bottom left.
  • The Metro Tasks - anything to do with Metro.
  • Lack of folders in metro start
  • Lack of proper searching in metro start -- if I type "device" and there's no app with that name, but 10 settings -- WHY NOT JUST TAKE ME TO SETTINGS?
  • Aero Glass was removed. IMHO, that made Windows the most beautiful OS there was. They killed it. It's not off by default -- it's gone.
  • Apps have Metro and Desktop versions -- MAKE UP YOUR MIND. Oh, wait... more important:
  • Apps have Metro versions. Metro has metro versions. Metro is.

I am a text-book definition Microsoft fan-boy. I crackflashed Windows 7 and talked to everyone I knew about how awesome and amazing it was. I hate Windows 8. It honestly makes me want to ditch Windows completely. I'm downloading Ubuntu to test it as we speak.

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