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Paranormal Activity

08/30/2010 02:27 AM - Permalink

2009 - Paranormal ActivityOnly one question exists for me concerning 2009's Paranormal Activity.  Where was I that caused me to miss this movie? 

Paranormal Activity is a "found footage" supernatural horror film about a couple and their experience with paranormal activity.  The female lead, Katie, a full time college student - wonderfully depicted by Katie Featherston - has been haunted since she was 8 years old by an entity that is foreign to her.  Most of the movie is composed of events that happen to and dialog between Katie and her boyfriend Micha, played by Micha Sloat.  They live together, and Micha has gotten a rather expensive home video camera to record any events that happen in their home... specifically while they are sleeping.

The movie was made with a really small budget - of just $15,000 - but you wouldn't know it judging by the quality of the feature.  The scares are authentic, and though little f/x are used in the film, the f/x that are present are downright impressive.  None of them appear to be f/x at all -- you would swear they were filmed in live action. 

The acting is some of the best I've seen in years, mostly due to the impromptu nature of the script.  I'm told by IMDb that Paramount, which released the film  in 2009, did no marketing for the feature, and only released it to free midnight screenings in 13 college towns.  People were reported leaving the theater, for it had frightened them so much.  One person was even reported vomiting as a result of the terror.  Eventually, Paramount set up a page on eventful.com, and told people that wanted the movie played in their area to go to that site and "Demand It."  They stated that if 1,000,000 people demanded the movie, that they would release it nationally.  That number was crossed in merely 4 days, and Paranormal Activity raked in more than $200 million world wide at the box office.

I watched Paranormal Activity as a friend recommended it to me.  I began to ask a question, only making out the words "When you watched the movie...." he immediately responded, "I [crapped] myself."  After watching the movie, I can attest that it is the scariest I've seen in years.  This movie entered my Top-5 movies list.  I love the horror genre of film, and rarely can give a horror flick that honor, but this one earns it with screams and nervous shivers.  I'd definitely call it "best of breed" as far as "found footage" films go and would probably also give it the same award in all horror.  I believe I also rated Quarantine fairly high.  Perhaps I'm learning that i specifically like this style of horror.  Regardless, immediately after the film was over, I ordered a Blu-ray copy on Amazon.com and spent about an hour finding high definition wallpapers for it, and the upcoming 2010 sequel, which is already marked in my Google Calendar.

My enjoyment of this film comes mostly from my knowledge of the supernatural and actual interactions people have with demonic spirits due to a lack of knowledge of the scriptures and their own authority in Christ.  I can tell you that I think everyone in the world should watch this film.  If you're a horror buff, you can't miss it.  But I think you should find authority in Jesus and take a Spiritual Authority and Spiritual Warfare class first.  lol. 

As a final note, if you plan to watch this film, I would suggest you not read any details about it.  Don't read up on the plot other than a summary review, such as this.  The things I shared you learn in the first few minutes of the movie, so you're safe.  Don't look into the outcome... don't talk to your friends about it.  You're better off knowing nothing.  I think it plays into a fear most of us have about when we're sleeping... at our most vulnerable state of being... as well as the things that go bump in the night that can't be taken care of with guns.  The how or what isn't important before you see it, although I would still recommend that authority class if you are frightened.  But for now, the important thing is that you watch this movie.  :)

5 out of 5 stars.


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