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06/30/2008 12:34 PM - Permalink

I wanted to clarify a few things.  First of all, I have been a believer in the love of an Almighty God, given to fallen man, without a reason, my entire life.  I was raise a Christian, and am proud to associate myself with Jesus.  I may not always provide the clearest light or example of His life and love, but I aspire to do just that.  My experiences with God have been unending for as long as I can remember.  Even before I knew it was Him, I have had real and true experiences with Him... and that sounds all mighty and technical... but the truth is... its simple.  I just know He's there.  I know He's there, and I know He hears me always.  I love to be with Him.  I love to make Him smile, and hear what He has to say.  The Holy Spirit is with us always, and to those who believe and ask Him to fill them, He is IN us always.  Jesus said, concerning the Holy Spirit, that as many as ask shall receive.  So let me ask you this.  How in the world are you going to get closer to someone that lives on the inside of you?  Do not suppose that you have to have that "feeling" to know God's there.  Just believe He is there and that He'll never leave you.  Have you asked him to experience his presence?  Have you asked Him to touch you in a way that you would know that it was God... because it HAD to be God?  I've experienced much due to asking just that.  I've heard Him.  In visions and dreams, I've seen Him.  I can touch Him, and allow Him to touch me.  And here's my secret:  I was willing to be open to His leadership in my life.  A relationship with God that strong does not come without sacrifice.  The Spirit of God is ever sensitive... and He is... for lack of a better word... a gentleman.  He wants you to cherish Him... He wants you to appreciate Him... and though He will be with you always, He will only allow His presence to be experienced where it is wanted.  He'll only allow His presence to be experiences where it is sought.  The Bible says seek and you will find.  Seek Him.  Ask the Father, in Jesus name, to allow you to have a real and personal relationship with the Spirit of God...  He will be faithful.

There are a few books I would recommend you read on the Holy Spirit.  They really opened my eyes when I began my journey with him.  One of them is "Good Morning Holy Spirit" by Benny Hinn.

Try to remember -- throughout your relationship with the Lord -- that while He is Almighty and All Powerful God... He's not unapproachable.  He's not a distant, far off King that has a Kingdom to rule and thusly doesn't have time for you.  God is .... and I mean this... with all my heart.... and as the Spirit of God is my witness, I pray you receive it with truth and clarity from Him also.... God is *INTIMATELY*, *DEEPLY*, and *PERSONALLY* concerned and interested in *ALL* the matters, however great or small they may be, of your heart.  He loves you endlessly and without a reason, and He wants to bless you, just because He decided that is the kind of God He wants to be to you....  and because He doesn't know how to do anything else but be faithful.  He's a GREAT, *GREAT* God...  and you have a lot to be excited about.  God's presence is not reserved for those who are the holiest.  It is reserved for those who desire to have it be an active part of their lives.  And let me tell you.... it's so much better than any drug or hallucination could ever be.... because unlike the temporary feelings of bliss brought by substances.... your body was made to THRIVE in the presence of God... and the bliss can last forever.... with no negative effects other than the feeling that you've just experienced the undeserved love from the greatest, most pure being in existence... and you'll give whatever it takes to get more.  Then you'll smile as you realize that simply because you want more.... to Him... that's already enough.  And He'll change you to be more like Him....  which is the greatest honor a being as wonderful as Him could give us....  we, out of all creation, above the angels or any animal.... by God... have been given the right to be like God.... because God loved us... chose us... and on us alone placed His favor.

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