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ErrorZilla Mod 0.3

06/18/2008 09:16 PM - Permalink

Today I submitted to Mozilla a new version of the ErrorZilla Mod.  At the present time, it will not have an image on it.  I have updated it to Firefox 3.0 compatibility, made the page look more like a typical Firefox 3.0 error (using the built in CSS file that ships with Firefox), and also added support for the handling of invalid or "untrusted" SSL certificates, which also fires the ErrorZilla page.

The extension is currently in the Mozilla Add-ons sandbox.  I plan to work on getting the images to work.  Right now, I'm having a bit of trouble because Firefox 3 changed how chrome pages can access files of other domains, and how domain pages (which is what the browser thinks an ErrorZilla page is when its triggered) access chrome files.  Until I get that worked out, the extension will ship without working images.  :)

Talk to you later!

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