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Programming Projects

Firefox Extensions

Verizon Usage Monitor for Mozilla Firefox
Displays Verizon cell usage in the status bar from your account holder or secondary account "My Verizon" account. Can display the usage for an entire family share plan, or just one cellular line.
ErrorZilla Mod for Mozilla Firefox
ErrorZilla Mod is a nice little extension for Mozilla Firefox that very simply, adds an image to the error page for down domains, along with some helpful buttons: "Try Again," "Google Cache," "Coralize," "Wayback," "Ping," "Trace," and "Whois."
Hide Navigation Bar for Mozilla Firefox
This extension enables you to hide the navigation bar through a toggle button. Currently the toggle button is the F2 key. You can change the key in the extensions options, as well as configure whether you want the Navigation Bar to be displayed on an initial Firefox launch. Also allows you to enable an Auto-Hide mode if you wish to use that instead.

Google Chrome Extensions

#TheZone Kick Lotto Stats Extension for Google Chrome
For users of #TheZone on irc.tzirc.com, #TheZone Kick Lotto Stats will display your kick count on the browser icon. Click it to display the top 10 list of the kick stats, as well as your ranking in the lotto.
#TheZone Theme for Google Chrome
The Google Chrome theme for #TheZone on irc.tzirc.com.

tZ Family of Scripts

tZ iTunes for mIRC
Allows you to specify patterns to echo the current playing song in iTunes to the current mIRC window. This is a port of my WAR script for iTunes.
tZ Styles for mIRC
by Syber - You have no idea what it does, do you? Ok fine so... this script allows you to theme the various events in mIRC such as incoming channel text, your outgoing text, messages, notices, whatever you want (not really). You can configure how each bit of output looks easily in my super special window, and it will show you what's up. Stores to an INI file so you can easily back it up (manually because I didn't write that shit yet).

Other Programming

DarcFX Programming Source Code and Examples
DarcFX is a project I ran to help new programmers get off their feet by providing source code examples to common problems.  Other programmers were able to submit code examples to the site for others to use.  Most of the source examples have to do with the old AOL clients, however some global examples exist.  DarcFX was mainly replaced with larger projects by large companies such as Google Code, SourceForge.net, and Experts Exchange as it provided a very similar service.

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