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I'm Sorry, Windows. I'm having an affair with Mac OS X.

09/19/2008 09:18 PM - Permalink

So... I made a brave, and rather scary step, for any Windows developer.  I partitioned my system hard drive and installed an HFS+ partition.  Many of you will have no clue what that means.  The more geeky among you will recognize that as the partition file system type used most commonly by computer giant Apple for the Mac OS X operating system.

That's right, ladies and gentleman... I am now dual booting Windows Vista with Mac OS X.  :)

Why?  Because I can, really, and I haven't ever messed with Macs at all.  Actually, my mother's wonderful sister (best aunt ever!) got one and I sometimes am able to help her out.  I realized that she knew more about the Mac than I did -- and we can't have any more of that!!!

And the truth is... I kind of like it.  I mean... Yeah.... I feel a WHOLE HECK of a lot more limited as far as WHAT you can do on a Mac.  But I also feel my desire to do some of that stuff I would want to do on windows has greatly been reduced.  I'm thinking perhaps it's like... you wouldn't haul firewood in a brand new Corvette -- you drive it when you want to feel good about yourself and your car.  You have a truck for the firewood.  And while there are some REALLY nice improvements in Windows Vista, I do kind of enjoy using the Mac OS.  I am even thinking of making my next computer purchase a Mac.  So we'll see what happens.  Anyway, I thought the three of you that know what I'm talking about would be rather interested.  Oh........  and Mac OS X natively supports my laptop's right-click.

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