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"HPVista" Windows Experience Index: 4.5

06/21/2007 07:42 AM - Permalink

I flashed the BIOS of my laptop, and upgraded the nVidia drivers.  Then I had some trouble getting the Windows Experience Index test ran, but I fixed my troubles and ran it from command line (winsat formal).

I did have some issues even finding the command to run.  I googled for like 10 minutes to find it, and that's an unusually long time for someone of my brilliance.  lol.  It also wasn't the first time I used this command, which means I forgot what it was.... which is even more stranger than me not knowing what to search for on Google to find it.

Oh well.  It's done now, and it works.  4.5 is a decent score.  The highest a system can get right now is 5.9.  Microsoft plans on raising this pending hardware and technology advancements by fall of this year.


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