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Google Voice Callback for Android

08/02/2010 08:08 AM - Permalink

Well, if you checkout my post on Google Voice's Android app update that breaks free calling programs, rest assured -- at least a little.  A solution has been found.  Google Voice Callback, available on the Android Market, allows you to register a callback with your Google Voice account for a specific number.  In simple terms, that means it will use your data connection to tell Google you want to call a specific number.  Google Voice will then call you (from your Google Voice number -- thus created a free call) and connect you to the number you wish to call when you call.  You lose the "outgoing" status of the call in Android, as it looks like an incoming  call, but Google Voice knows better.  It shows up in the "placed" calls area there.

You have to give it your Google Voice login information, but it seems to work okay for me.

Update: Today, I started receiving some issues with the account login.  It keeps telling me Google is asking for a CAPTCHA, and to use the browser to fill it.  I have tried this both from a computer and from the Android device... no captcha.  I don't know if this is a problem with the manufacturer or not.


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