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It's been too long . . .

04/22/2010 07:20 PM - Permalink

Wow.  My last blog post was last year!  Amazing!

Well, I just wanted to let the world know that I am alive and well!  Haha.  Of course, those of you in my life know that well, some of you only in my website land only know the beginning. 

A lot of things have happened.  I sold the laptop I had, and built a new computer (fall last year).  I have been utterly devoted to the Lord and the study of the Word of the Lord.  Even now my Bible sits open on my desk freshly flipped through.  I have caught up on Lost due to the recommendations of a few people in my world (AMAZING SHOW!!), and am currently trying to get my mom current in Lost land.  :D  BioShock 2 finally came out, and I am a little disappointed with the multiplayer system, but I seem to play it anyway.  Loved the single player.  Hoping for massive improvements for BS3.

The past few weeks I have been blessed to be able to see one of my favorite teachers from high school, and help him with computer troubles he's been having.  To be honest, I have enjoyed the fellowship and perspective his company brings thoroughly, and have enjoyed being able to be a blessing to him -- and of course he's blessed me. 

God's really been bringing to light this theme in my life -- a scripture that has been in my mind for years, but has recently come alive -- "Give and it shall be given unto you, in good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over."  Only, I find that my desire is not to get anything out of giving.... I have reached a place where I am happy to be giving as unto the Lord and am openly willing to receive all that He has for me, but I truly am seeking to bless the Lord!

That's really the key to it all for me . . . really.  I want to be a blessing . . . not just to people, but to the Lord AND to people.  I will be glad to either meet the Lord in the air or reach His throne at the conclusion of my life this side of eternity and to just see a look of happiness and blessing on the face of my Maker.  Do any of you ever think about that stuff?  I think about that.  I want to be someone that God sees and smiles.  I know some of my favorite people have to do nothing more than just be, and it makes me smile.  Well, I want to be that to God.

I love Him!  The pursuit of God abandoning all else has brought me a fulfillment I've not found in years. 


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