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03/31/2009 05:26 AM - Permalink

Dear Digg,

I'm a web developer myself, and I"m constantly thinking of new ways to improve various sites.  Digg is a tough one for me, because I already think its so good.  But I realized today my LEAST favorite thing about Digg.  I came in to work and logged on.  Alas, once again, my cookies have been cleared by the various anti-malware software deployed by them that employ me.  I find an article I like... all the way back on page 4 (not that far, in actuality).  I click the obvious and addicting "digg it" button, to add my vote to the story's e-popularity contest.  I am presented with a shiny, AJAX-y prompt about registering or logging in.  Then it hit me.  "why doesn't digg store all the values I digg as a guest user... either client side or via HTTP session state -- the digg id to each story... and then automatically digg them when I DO log in....  that way I can log in at MY convenience (and I'll want to to make sure my digg's are counted!"    Then I thought about library computers, or other public workstations, where there may be a "guest" user that is actually different people.  So I came up with a solution for that too:  when I log in, don't auto-digg my stories.  Show me a list of all stores "guest-dugg," and ask me which ones I would like to add to my own diggs when I log in....  a la check boxes, complete with "deselect all" and "select all" buttons.

This would SOOOO improve the usability of your site.  I plan to submit my suggestion once per week until I receive a response, because I think it's that valuable.  This needs to go to a developer now.  Don't let it stop with customer service.  :)

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