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Steelers Win Super Bowl XLIII. Cardinals Cry.

02/01/2009 08:38 PM - Permalink

SteelersTonight, the Pittsburgh Steelers declared victory over the Arizona Cardinals 27 to 23 in Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa, FL at Raymond James Statium. Members of the Steeler Nation (ones who were born in Pittsburgh and ones from foreign lands) accross the country celebrated as their franchise became the first in NFL history to win 6 Super Bowls, making the Steelers the winningliest team in all professional football.

The Arizona Cardinals had defeated the Seatle Seahawks in the NFC Championship Game to gain entry, for the first time, to the Big Game. Unforunately, the Cardinals were not able to capitalize on their NFC Championship victory, and take it all the way. Despite the largest comeback in Super Bowl history, and after forcing the Steelers to make the first safety in Super Bowl history, the Cardinals were defeated by an under-two-minute drive (nicknamed The Big End in the 4th quarter, led by Steelers' Quarterback Legend, Big Ben Roethlisberger (#7).

Roethlisberger met Steelers wide-receiver Santonio Holmes (#10) 4 times for 88 yards during the final drive. (The drive was 78 yards from start position to goal, but the Steelers suffered a 10 yard penalty during the drive forcing them to acheive an additional 10 yards.) Holmes was a wide-receiver from The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH. Santonio "The Toes" Holmes' final 6 yard catch was grabbed in the far right corner of the end zone. As Holmes was falling out of bounds, he maintained control of the ball and also tapped the toes of both his feet, giving the Steelers a 4 point lead over the Cardinals.

Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin maintained humility and respect for the players and showed the character that Pittsburgh has come to know and love in our coaches.

Thus I give you, the outcome of Super Bowl XLIII: Steelers - 27. Cardinals - 23... Sorry Cardinals. If you are in need, here is a gift for you... and I say to you...


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