Jay on the stage at World Harvest Church in Columbus, OH.  No, he didn't preach.  Just had a picture taken.  :)

Welcome to JayBaldwin.com . . .

Where to begin? Well... I'm Jay! I'm in love with the God that gave me life, the life He gave me, and I aspire to make Him smile with it. Yeah... big Jesus fan. :-)

I live in Pataskala, Ohio, about 20 miles east of the capital (Columbus).  I work at World Harvest Church, where I am the Director of Web Technologies.

I love my job.  I love my Pastor.  But above all, I'm in love with the God that gave me life, the life He gave me, and I aspire to make Him smile with it.  :)

I'm not perfect, and I'm okay with that, because I'm really at peace with the hand of God leading me... knowing He's just not finished with me yet. :)

I can easily get lost on Wikipedia (lol), caught in a loop of unending links down a tangential path of useless information.  I once spent *several* hours reading about the moon... and didn't realize it.  Information? Yeah... let me consume it.

I'm totally a geek.  I have to have all the latest tech gadgets and toys.  If you ask me on the spot, I'll tell you it's because of my job -- my interest in technology keeps me current thereby making me a useful employee.  While that's true, it's also the only way I can put a positive spin on my impulsive need for complicated electronics.  lol.  Nah... I'm not that bad... I ensure I at least have a good reason (and the money) before buying things. 

My greatest personal dream is my family... to love them with all my heart... to be a man they deeply love and respect... to be a loving and caring husband to a God-fearing woman, and an attentive, loving father to children who grow up in love with their Savior.  I want to lead my family to my Jesus.

When I fall in love, I love thoroughly and hold back no good thing.  Love makes me weak, and I couldn't live without it.  I believe the truest form of love is a gift of yourself -- a promise -- from one person to another, and the lifestyle by which that promise is lived out.

I LOVE to play pool.  I have earned a black belt in Tang Soo Do, and even instructed othes in the art, but I don't really practice anymore.  I also like tennis and racquetball.  My favorite TV shows are The Vampire Diaries, The Mentalist, and Fringe. I loved House M.D. and Lost (while they were in production).  I like to read also, but I REALLY have to be interested in what I'm reading for it to be thoroughly enjoyable.  Otherwise, I get bored.  My favorite books to date are the Bible (particularly Psalms), the Harry Potter series, (okay, I admit I liked the Twilight Saga, too), The Lord of the Rings - fantasy fiction.  I am obsessed with movies.  My friends joke that my collection rivals Netflix or Blockbuster, haha. 

Certainly my entire self cannot be summed up on one page.  This site is filled with information about me and my interests.  Or you could check out the contact page and talk to me directly.  Enjoy.  :)


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